July 26, 2013


Green Grass and High Tides, There Goes Another Love Song, Hurry Sundown…(Ghost) Riders in the Sky…these are just Four of Southern Rock’s all time anthems that are signature songs of these bad boys from Dixie. Aptly named the Outlaws, they bring their raucous show the Monkey stage for a night of get down pickin’ and outrageous harmonies. Put on your best boots and pearl button shirt for this one folks…it’ll be one of those nights where you'll party till your spurs stop spinnin’.

Following in the footsteps of great bands such as The Allman Brothers and The Eagles, The Outlaws have established themselves as premiere players of Southern Rock. The band has developed their own guitar-driven country-rock sound while producing chart-topping records and meeting substantial success in their live performances. Today, The Outlaws are at the threshold of a new era; original band members Henry Paul and Monte Yoho have been joined by Chris Anderson, Billy Crain, Randy Threet, and John Coleman in order to set the band’s sights on its musical future, while remaining true to the unique character of The Outlaws past.

WATCH VIDEO: "There Goes Another Love Song" (LIVE)

From Ain't Wastin' Time No More to Whippin' Post the Peacheaters dig deep into the Allman Brothers Band's 4 + Decades of Music and deliver an experience that keeps the vibe alive. Soulful vocals, twin guitars that whirl around each other like bees to honey, a Thunderous & Powerful percussion section accompanied by wondrous lows of bass and unmatched melodies of the keyboards, all mesh to deliver what you know as the sound of the Allman Brothers Band.  From Bike Week Daytona to Laconia, Harley Rendezvous and more!   "The best Allmans tribute band you will ever see." -Carter Alan, WZLX Boston's Legendary DJ


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39 South Main Street
Plymouth, NH

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Phone: 603-536-2551

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