March 31, 2018


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The  Squirrel Nut Zippers began their  musical  journey  in  Chapel Hill, North Carolina , in the mid  1990’s , as  a musician’s escape from the cookie cutter  world of  modern rock radio at the time.   Jimbo Mathus  along with drummer/percussionist Chris Phillips  form ed  the band  as a  casual  musical foray among friends  and family in the area.  It wasn’t long before  the band’s  quirky mix  of  Jazz chords, Folk music, and Punk Rock leanings spread out of the  region and attracted a national audience.

Between 1995 - 2000 the  Squirrel Nut Zippers  sold over three million albums. Their watershed album,  Hot (1996) was recorded in the heat of New Orleans, fueled by  a smoldering  mix of  booze and  a youthful hunger to unlock the  secrets of old world jazz.  This passion mixed with Klezmer, Blues, Americana  and random bits of contemporary music  became the bands  signature style. At the time , there were few other bands inhabiting this space. The album would eventually break free of  any “jazz” stereotypes and land on commercial radio, taking the  band to remarkable heights for what was essentially an anti - establishment sound.

Years later and  through chronicles of every kind , the band  has  emerge d  from a lengthy  recording hiatus ,  reinvigorated,  re invested , and  rejuvenated. “It’s not a reunion, it’s a revival”  has been the battle cry for  Mathus since reforming the group in 2016.  With  an all star cast of  New Orleans musicians, the band  breathed new life  in to  the old material, and inspired Mathus to return to the studio to  reignite the band’s unique, enigmatic sound.

The result, is the  first  Squirrel Nut Zippers studio album in eighteen years titled Beasts of  Burgundy. A return to form, the album  embrace s  the city that  first inspired the group.  Enlisting  Mike Napolitano  - who recorded all the bands previous albums - was a magical first step in the process.  “Nappys Dugout”, located in the Marigny, resembled the original style and feel of  Kingsway, the now gone studio where the Zi ppers recorded much of their catalog.  The Dugout, located in the home of Mike Napolitano and Ani DiFranco, created the perfect environment to  inspire the original feel ing that so excited Mathus at the very beginning of the Zippers long career.


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