Flying Film Series "BLAZE"

Flying Film Series "BLAZE"
October 15, 2018


Doors: 6:00PM        Film: 6:30        Rated: R
Sunday, October 7
Monday, October 8
Tuesday, October 9 
Wednesday, October 10
Thursday, October 11
Monday, October 15
Tuesday, October 16
Wednesday, October 17

Blaze Foley (Benjamin Dickey), the dissolute country-blues singer who’s the subject of Ethan Hawke’s “BLAZE,” is about as unlikely a central character as you’re ever going to see in a movie. He’s a big, burly hillbilly who walks with a severe limp (thanks to a bout of polio) and drinks himself into testy stupors, and to say that he’s not big on verbal communication skills would be putting it mildly.

His conversation, or what passes for it, is a barely mumbled series of asides, spiced with the occasional tall-tale joke, all growled out in a kind of drawling shadow whisper. (He sounds like Tom Waits, and looks like a roly-poly version of him, too.)

When Blaze picks up his guitar and sings, it’s clear that he’s got a gift, though it’s not as if the movie suddenly kicks into some enthralling high gear of country-and-western transcendence. On occasion, Blaze’s songs of loneliness and longing, like “If I Could Only Fly,” make you feel like you’re listening to some in-the-raw contempo version of Hank Williams.

Just as often, he sounds like an amateur-night crooner lurching his way through a set at a local roadside dive — which, for much of “BLAZE,” is just what he is.



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