November 15, 2019


DOORS: 6:00PM    SHOW: 7:30    AGES: 13+

"A little bit of rock, a little bit of country, a little bit of gospel and a whole lot of love."

That’s the tagline for Mac Powell and the Family Reunion, a new band led by Mac Powell, the former lead singer of Grammy-winning, multi-platinum selling band Third Day.

It’s also an apt description for the group’s new album Back Again. But don’t consider Mac Powell and the Family Reunion a clean break from Powell’s musical past —it’s merely a continuation of a creative journey the singer started a few years back on his own. You could even say the seeds for his new solo endeavor were planted in the singer’s early childhood.

“Like most people, I grew up listening to my Mom and Dad’s record collection,” says Powell. “There was singer-songwriter stuff, some country and southern rock. I always liked artists like CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival), James Taylor, the Eagles or even the Stones who weren’t country per se, but who sometimes leaned more toward that sound. That’s what was stirring my mind and my spirit.

"To that end, he formed Mac Powell and the Family Reunion after Third Day’s final shows in 2018, utilizing musical “brothers” who had been recording and playing live with Mac in support of his other solo projects (including eventual Back Again producer / musical director Jason Hoard). “My favorite artists were always solo artists with great bands,” says Powell. “I always think of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers or Springsteen and the E Street Band. I always wanted that —to be a solo artist but be in a band. It’s about finding that balance."

So while Powell still acknowledges his prior success (and the millions of fans he and his former band mates built over 25 years), Back Again marks the singer’s here and now. “This is my new direction and the future as I see it,” says the singer. ”There’s a new energy here. I feel like we’re building this thing together, and all becoming part of this new Family.”

Special guest Dan Russell opens the show!

$59 VIP Meet and Greet package details:
Located in rows A, B and C7-17
Package includes:
-  Reserved Ticket For The Show
-  Pre-show Meet and Greet with Mac at 6:30 pm
- VIP laminate
- 8 x 10 signed photo
Please note: Meet and Greet package is designed and managed by artist.

Special Guest DAN RUSSELL opening
Dan Russell: the artist manager and advocate, concert promoter, producer, creative collaborator, video and film music supervisor; has helped launch a thousand ships (well, maybe just a few hundred!) throughout his lengthy resume. As the critical aide-de-camp to dozens of aspiring artists and proven superheroes, it seems he’s always been in demand through a voluminous 35-year professional career. In 1998 Russell co- founded Soulfest, the first New England social justice music festival which has become an annual event attended by many thousands.
Working with a small band including his son Jesse, producer and guitarist Michael J. Pritzl, plus Rachel Taylor and Ramona Silver on backing vocals; Russell approached the sessions for his first solo album, Feel the Echoes, as a rare gift of time given to himself. “Life is a sacred adventure, a journey, and it was my time to do this,” he relates. “People who are sixty have, like, 12 records out; I’ve got one! We’ll give you the senior discount for the duration!”


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