ZOMBIE BOY Film Premiere

ZOMBIE BOY Film Premiere
February 22, 2014


!Alert! CAMPY VIOLENT ACTION/COMEDY FILM ... Fans of the genre will love it.

New Hampshire premier of Zombie Boy, an action/comedy movie directed by local filmmaker Jamie Sharps, winner of the Best Horror Film award at the SNOB Film Festival in Concord.    Mr. Sharps will be present for the screening, to discuss the filmmaking process and to take questions from the audience, as well as hosting a Meet and Greet with the cast.

All Kyle Brew ever wanted to do was to be left alone, but his life changes forever when he meets up with "Zombie Boy". After being injected with green serum, Max turns into a beer chugging Zombie and Kyle is forced to put him under his wing at his farmhouse. Kyle's deadbeat dad Dusty Brew shows up after being kicked out of his retirement home and to make matters worse the boys are spied on by a pistol packing blond named Porsche.     Frank, the Darth Vader of bad guys invades Kyle's farm along with his ski mask maniacs and a killer named Mr Greenfield who will stop at nothing to find the green serum Kyle hid. An epic shootout ensues. Who survives in the end? Watch and find out...  

A modern day spaghetti western action/comedy.   This Independent Film is a thrill a minute shot entirely in Ashland and Holderness, New Hampshire. 71 minutes. 6 min outtakes.


Contains adult themes, Strong language, violence, sexual situations. Not rated


39 South Main Street
Plymouth, NH

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Event Information

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Admission $7
Phone: 603-536-2551