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Co-Brand your company with The Flying Monkey and The Common Man Family of Restaurants.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer several ways to align your business with the award winning Common Man Family and The Flying Monkey, what better way to get your name out there than to sponsor a show or series of shows. The exposure is second to none, our guest reach is literally second to none in New Hampshire. Your company and logo would be seen by over 35,000 guests each week and your brand will be aligned with one of the most successful business brands in New Hampshire. Our sponsor programs are essentially an endorsement from a company that has been impressing guests in New England for over 40 years. Contact for more information.

The Common Man Family of restaurants represents some of the most revered New Hampshire brands and provides a tremendous opportunity to expose your business to a wide variety of eager consumers. Our advertising and media presence places your brand or product in front of literally hundreds of thousands of consumers who are driven to top quality businesses and brands. We have exposure to new and present customers looking for products and services. We are able to accomplish this through our unique network of market penetration points in both entertainment and hospitality-related locations. This guarantees market penetration throughout New Hampshire that is second to none.

Our typical guest profiles are highly desirable consumers:

  • They are active
  • They are decision makers in our communities
  • The have significant disposable incomes
  • They are emotionally connected to the shows they attend
  • They are loyal to and trust the legacy brand of The Common Man Family
  • Their experiences at The Flying Monkey create lasting impressions
  • An attendee at one of our events typically spends up to 3 to 4 hours within the venue, socializing with friends and neighbors and engaging throughout the many intimate public spaces of the theatre.

A relationship with The Common Man Family is a positive endorsement for our Sponsors and provides the perfect opportunity to make a solid connection with your targeted customers. Our restaurants average well over 35,000 guests each week; this is the kind of exposure that drives targeted guests to your business. Common Man restaurants enjoy an incredibly wide demographic base and have been a guest favorite for more than 40 years. Generations of families from all over the world have enjoyed the Common Man’s tradition and reputation for uncommonly good food & service.

The Flying Monkey, with its Common Man roots deeply planted in New Hampshire, draws 92% of our audience directly from New Hampshire and the remaining from surrounding New England.


Our distribution team is all over the great Granite State twice monthly, distributing our entertainment calendars. These are distributed in our network of award-winning businesses all over New Hampshire to include all 18 of our restaurants, our Plymouth and Claremont Inns, our Company Store and at each performance at The Flying Monkey. Other distribution points will include all of our advertisers and partners places of business as well a number of our affiliated business and strategic partner locations.