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“At first blush, Plymouth appeared to be a bit of a challenge for this good time girl, particularly on a cold winter evening. But thanks to your suggestions, I was able to formulate a fabulous plan around a visit to the Flying Monkey Movie House & Performance Center, which sits on the short main drag in town. Offering a focused dinner menu, beer and wine, popcorn, candy and entertainment, the Flying Monkey appeared to be a one-stop entertainment shop…

At the Flying Monkey we were seated in the upper balcony, which afforded us the perfect view of the evening’s headliner: Paula Poundstone. Aside from the Monkey’s overall charm, the best part was that we were able to order a bottle of wine – one of my favorite standbys, the Menage à Trois blend – and nurse it during the show without the interruption of a server. And in addition to theater candy, we were able to share a slice of the Common Man’s chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. After this experience, I am convinced that the Flying Monkey is a true gem of New Hampshire.”

WINNER “Plan NH Merit Award” in 2011

“This project went beyond mere preservation, and is a true revitalization of a Plymouth landmark. Numerous sustainable practices during construction were utilized including re-purposing some of the original architectural details of the building. The project also incorporated NH Smart Growth principles and encouraged community collaboration within the town.”